Welcome Assis. Prof. Issa Atoum from The World Islamic Sciences and  Education, Jordan to be Committee Member!

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Assis. Prof. Issa Atoum, The World Islamic Sciences and Education, Jordan 

Research Area: 

Sentiment Analysis.

Semantic Similarity.

Software Quality.

Software Requirements.

Machine Learning.

Research Experience:

Academic Qualifications

2012- 2015:

Ph.D., Software Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia.

Thesis Title: A Computational Framework for Predicting Software Quality-in-use from Software Reviews.

2010 –2012:

M.Sc., Computer Science, Philadelphia University, Jordan.

Thesis Title: A Holistic Cyber Security Strategy Implementation Framework.

1993 –1997:

B.Sc., Computer Science, Yarmouk University, Jordan.

Project: A compiler Design for Ada Language