Welcome Dr. Weihua Ou ​from Guizhou Normal University to be Committee Member!

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Dr. Weihua Ou, School of Big Data and Computer Science, Guizhou Normal University, China

Research Area: 

Computer Vision and Machine learning 

Research Experience:

His research area includes computer vision and image processing, such as Face recognition and analysis, Object tracking, Cross-modal retrieval, Multiview learning, Sparse representation and Nonnegative matrix factorization. His research results have published at prestigious journals and prominent conferences, such as IEEE T-NNLS, T-CSVT, PR, PRL and ICPR, ICME, IJCNN. His publications have been cited in Google Scholar more than 600 times, his H-Index in Google Scholar is 13+. He is a reviewer of more than 10 SCI academic journals and a member of CCF-CV and ISAIR( https://isair.site/). He has hosted 3 research projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.