Welcome A.Prof Jun Pan ​from AI Big Data Research Center, Tsinghua University to be Committee Member!

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A.Prof  Jun Pan, AI Big Data Research Center, Tsinghua University, China

Research Area: 

AI Ethical Consensus and Practice

Research Experience:

Pro.Pan,the 1st post-doctoral researcher engaged in the ethical research of artificial intelligence, Jointly trained by tsinghua university and the Chinese Academy of Sciences,has been studying artificial intelligence and big data for several years. His doctoral thesis <Research on Cultivating Citizens' Moral ChoiceAbility in Big Data Era> was rated as excellent by Wuhan University of Technology. Many articles have been published in domestic well-known core journals.Such as:

1. Worries and Solutions of AI Rational Value Intelligence[J].Journal of Dialectics of Nature.Vol.40, No.4(Serial No.236),April 2018.

2. On Countermeasures to the Ethical Problems in Science and Technology Based on “Extortion Virus Events[J].Journal of Changsha University of Science and Technology(Social Science).Vol.33 No.3,May 2018.

3. Innovative Research on Targeted Poverty Alleviation by “Big Data + Investment Attraction”[J].Journal of GuiZhou University( Social Sciences).Vol.37 No.2,April 2019.

4. 大数据时代个体数据理性化悖论与消解[J].甘肃社会科学.2018(2).

5. 大数据视阈下智慧党建研究[J].学校党建与思想教育.2019(10).