Welcome Dr. Han Muzhe ​from School of Information Management, Central China Normal University to be Committee Member!

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Dr. Han Muzhe, School of Information Management, Central China Normal University, China

Research Area: 

Science of science, Scientometrics, Knowledge organization

Research Experience:

Ph.D. of Information Science, Central China Normal University.            
The main research fields of mine are science of science, scientometrics, knowledge organization and knowledge services. 
Participated in the National Social Science Foundation project "Research on Knowledge Externalization and Integration Mechanism in Knowledge Creation Based on Relevant Data" (12BTQ039), "Research on Scientific Research Data Governance under the Concept of Open Science" (17BTQ025), National Key Technology Research and Development Program project "Research on Standards of Original Data for Digital Protection of Cultural Relics" (2014BAK07B02), Special Youth Issues in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Educational Science in Jiangsu Province project "Research on Academic Evaluation Mechanism in the Perspective of Altmetrics" (C-c/2016/01/03). Invited by the Ministry of Religion and Culture of Myanmar, as a member of the special project of Sino-Myanmar Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Joint Investigation (IR 2-2017 Oct92).
Special contributor of the Chinese Federation of Literature Press and the first-translator of the academic translation “Ornaments from Past ---- In Memory of Mr. Horace C. Beck” (in prep.). One of the main participants in the academic monograph "Knowledge Externalization and Integration on the basis of Linked Data" (in prep.). More than 10 papers have been published in key-journals such as “Library and Information Service” (CSSCI, CSTPCD, PKU, JST), “Chinese Journal of Scientific and Technical Periodicals” (CSSCI, CSTPCD, PKU, JST), “Journal of Intelligence”(CSSCI, PKU, JST), etc.